Save Money, and Maybe the Planet

Advocates say solar panels on your roof can cut your power bill, add to your home’s value and, if they become widespread, reduce the need for additional power generating plants. Now, Seminole County homeowners have a way to save as much as 20% on installation costs through the Seminole County Solar Co-op. Their next event is Saturday, July 22nd. RSVP on Facebook.

Representatives of the Co-op, including former SemDems’ officer Sharon Lynn and Mary Dipboye, founder of the original co-op in Orange County, updated the groups status for the Seminole County Democratic Party at the July general meeting. You can see a full story on the project from the SemDem Web Page Archive here.

The local group, now one of nine around the state, has selected an installer, Altamonte Springs based Superior Solar, and is signing homeowners up.
Costs vary with individual projects, Lynn noted, and a homeowner is not obligated by joining the co-op to accept a bid. She also noted under Florida law a home owners association cannot prohibit a solar installation.

As bright as the roof top solar prospects seem, environmentally concerned Democrats need to be aware of recent news reports of pushback from the power industry.