May 11th Meeting Needs YOUR Help!

The Sem Dem’s May 11, 2017 meeting needs YOUR help! This month, we will begin with a meet and greet between the officers and chairs of the organization and our members and guests.This is very important to us. We want to hear from you before the meetings because your voice matters.  Help us further refine our platform, discuss current events, and tell us what you want from your Seminole County Democratic Party. Help us define the vision for 2017-18.

This ‘vision quest’ will be conducted in the smaller room to your right as you enter the facility. Doors open at 7:00 pm on the dot, so be wary of arriving early. After the ‘vision quest,’ we will shift to the main room at 7:30 pm*. As everyone is settling, a spokesperson will have a quick chat with you, followed by a review of the agenda and regular business. Gubernatorial candidate Chris King will then join us at 8:00 pm, after which we will complete remaining agenda items and socialize until 10:00 pm, time permitting.

Officer elections: The general membership should be advised that one or more officer positons are to be voted upon at the May 11, 2017 meeting. Specifically, members will vote on who will act as Parliamentarian and potentially who will take the Secretary position.

Important note: Members and guests must refrain from lining up in the hallway before the meeting. This will delay the meeting, puts an unfair burden on our hosts at the Lake Mary Community Center, and makes things particularly difficult for our elderly and disabled members. This simple act of kindness will help!

Parking is limited, and carpooling is strongly encouraged. Please review the suggested parking map below, and do not park along residential streets in neighborhood yards.

LOCATION:   Lake Mary Community Center, 140 E Wilbur Ave., Lake Mary

DATE & TIME:  May 11, 2017, 7:00 pm

Lake Mary Community Center Suggested Parking