Labor Day Weekend Solidarity Picnic Set

SemDems’ Labor Day picnic set for Fort Mellon Park’s main pavilion.

When better to hold a picnic for members of organized labor than the Labor Day weekend! And who better to host it than the Seminole County Democratic Party? No time and no one!

All members of organized labor in Seminole County and their families are invited to join all members of the SemDems and their families on Saturday, September 2nd from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Fort Mellon Park, located at 900 East 1st St. in Sanford,  for an old fashioned BBQ picnic (with vegan alternatives) to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of the labor movement. Reserve your ticket now!

The family friendly park is great for kids, too.

“The labor movement has been under attack from anti-labor forces both nationally and in Florida for decades,” says Sem Dem Labor Outreach Chair Jay Jurie.

Thanks to the Democratic chair of a Florida Senate committee, a proposed law that would have further weakened public sector unions died in the Republican controlled legislature this last session. However, we can expect further anti-labor measures to be proposed by Republicans in the future.

“Seminole Democrats are in solidarity with the labor movement. We want to do all we can to enhance relations and help build the local movement,” notes Jurie.

For information about the picnic, or to volunteer, contact: labor@semdems.com

And be sure to RSVP to reserve tickets for you and your family!