Seventh District Primary Challenger on the Issues

Eighty percent of ‘corporate inspired’ legislation introduced in Congress passes, 7th Congressional District hopeful Chardo Richardson told the July 13th meeting of the Seminole County Democratic Party, while only thirty percent of bills he called ‘people introduced’ were successful. His desire to change that has prompted his primary challenge to fellow Democrat Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy.

The freshman congresswoman is widely considered a moderate, with a reputation for working with other moderates, including Republicans, on what could be called ‘compromise legislation.’ Richardson is clearly coming from her ‘left’, advocating single payer health care he described as “Medicare for all”; a hike in the minimum wage; a “clear path to citizenship” for immigrants; an end to the “war on drugs” which has resulted in mass incarceration; and finding a way to make college affordable for all.

Recruited to run by an organization called Brand New Congress, the former president of the ACLU of Central Florida says he and his fellow progressive candidates nationwide will list the legislation they will support before the election, so voters will know exactly what they are voting for.

Answering a question from the floor, Richardson pledged to support Murphy if she wins the primary “one hundred ten percent.”

He said he thinks the basis for legislating is “listening to the people” and on the campaign he has been hearing many Democrats urging him to “run for something else” and avoid the primary battle. To be consistent he admitted “I am thinking about it. I haven’t made a decision, but I am considering it.” That won him his biggest ovation of the evening.

“We would like to see both you and Stephanie in office,” one Democrat called out.