Get on the Record for the EPA

Not only is this the time to speak up for the EPA, but May 15th is an important deadline.

Until then the Environmental Protection Agency’s Regulatory Reform Task Force, established by a Feb. 4th executive order signed by President Trump, is accepting public input on which rules to roll back as part of what the administration touts as a plan to identify rules they believe impede job growth and impose more costs than benefits.

Like your environment? Speak out!

“The previous administration abused the regulatory process to advance an ideological agenda that expanded the reach of the federal government, often dismissing the technological and economic concerns raised by the regulated community and duplicating long-standing regulations by states and localities,”charged EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt in a statement. “Moving forward, EPA will be listening to those directly impacted by regulations.”

“That is everyone” says the chair of the Seminole County Democratic Party’s Environmental Committee Marilu Dempsey, “and those directly regulated do not always have the public health as a priority.”

She is calling on her committee and all concerned individuals to take a few moments to go on the record, “Tell Trump’s Task Force that you support clean water and air, as well as renewable energy. Speak up to stop the rollback of important environmental safeguards and programs.”

Submit comments by E-mail to: Laws-Regs@epa.gov or by regular mail to:

Office of Policy Regulatory Reform
Mail Code 1803A
1200 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20460