Florida Senate Hopeful Outlines Positions

Like many of us, Rick Ashby became concerned about politics after the Presidential Election, but, he told the July General Meeting of the Seminole County Democratic Party, he has decided to “stop just yelling at Republicans and start running for office.”

He has filed as a candidate for Florida Senate District 9, which includes all of Seminole County and adjacent parts of Volusia County, a seat held by Republican David Simmons.

Ashby, a retired Electrical Engineer, is convinced we can “turn Florida blue by turning Seminole County blue. The Republicans have had their chance, and it is time to bring new leadership to Tallahassee.”

To do this, he says, Democrats need a clear message: “It is time to stop telling the Republicans what they are doing wrong and take the lead on policy.” He spells out his positions in no uncertain terms:

“It is time for a new narrative on healthcare. Every other industrialized county uses single payer,” he said in his prepared remarks. Even if the country does not move in that direction, it should be the case in Florida, as it is in California. “We have to let voters know it will actually cost less,” he said.

He supports a $15 minimum wage to “start rebuilding the middle/working class.” The extra wages hitting the economy each week will be “a huge stimulus and a driver for local business investment.”

He thinks “putting private companies in charge of our children’s education is only a good idea if you own stock in the companies, or get campaign donations from them.”

Likewise, he wants to get for-profit businesses out of the prison system.
He wants to reduce the cost of higher education so “all people have access to opportunity without going into debt to Wall Street Banks.”

On the environment, he wants to encourage solar and wind development in Florida, ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and nuclear waste storage and reduce pollution in the waterways. That, he says, “will do more for tourism than misguided advertising campaigns.”

For more on Ashby’s campaign, visit: www.rickashbyforsenate.com/